21 Feb 2015

Meena Ė The Bikini BasherMeena is back yet again to show off another of her fabulous bikinis.. This time itís a dashing pinky, flowery number with.. OK, we know you donít care how her bikini looks, you just want to see that huge stiff tool of herís once more, and you wonít be disappointed. Meena wastes no time in unleashing the beast and grappling with that ample appendage, stroking that long meaty shaft and unloading all over her sexy six pack.

14 Feb 2015

Pooh Ė We love PoohI love Pooh, I just canít get enough. No, Iím not addicted to extreme German scat porn, Pooh is a young tranny femboy I met at the supermarket. This filthy young ladyboy was more than happy to come back to LB HQ and shed her clothes to proudly show off her large tranny cock. And boy does Pooh now how to slap her schlong. Pooh whacks away at her stiff cock, edging towards and creamy, toe-curling cum explosion.

07 Feb 2015

Gigli Ė Get Gigli with it!Itís very easy to get lost in Gigliís deep, sexy, seductive eyes, this young, Asian ladyboy is a total 10, and the reason we still love those, hormone sucking femobys, but while I could easily stare into those beautiful eyes for hours, Iíd much rather take a gander at her tasty cock, and thankfully Gigli doesnít take long to drop her little panties to the floor and produce the pork. Gigli sits back in her favourite arm chair and then strokes her cock until her balls start to tingle and she explodes with some warm, creamy ladyboy goodness.

31 Jan 2015

Bonus - Special BonusSuch a sweet and feminine Asian girl, Bonus isnít just her name itís a bog clue as to what you get with this adorable Oriental babe. Watch carefully as she slips out of her dress, reveals her slim, sexy figure, and then pulls down her panties to produce the ultimate bonus.. A stiff tranny cock that is juts begging to be sucked on. Bonus is soon having dirty thoughts, laying back on the sofa and stroking out some sweet ladyboy sperm.

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