06 Dec 2014

Gair - Sweet MeatIt’s very hard to believe this sweet young Asian girl-next-door could be anything other than female. Hold that thought (and you cock), and watch as Sweet Gair dances and prances, before slipping out of her cute outfit and unleashes her sweet tranny meat. Not only is this little lady and lady’boy’, but her boy parts are clearly in fully working order as she has no trouble getting rock hard and unloading her spunk filled balls.

29 Nov 2014

Candice - Blonde MambaYou may have heard of the Black Mamba, but nothing is more deadly than the Asian Blonde Mamba. This large, deadly creature is far more seductive, with sexy smooth legs and huge bouncy breasts, long locks of blonde hair and ass just begging to be eaten out, but the most dangerous part of this slim sleek man-slayer is her secret Samba sized cock which lay in wait in her tiny panties. BE WARNED: this thing gets pretty big and spits spunk!

22 Nov 2014

Pato - Hall of CameSome ladyboys just have that naughty glint in their eyes.. That look which tells you they want nothing more than to rip off your clothes and mount you before giving you the wild ride of your life.. If you don’t know what I’m talking about check out Pato, our latest addition to the ladyboy hall of ‘came.’ Pato doesn’t hesitate in stripping off and wielding her meaty weapon to creamy consequences..

15 Nov 2014

Paly - Best PalEveryone in life should have a best Pal, and if you are one of the lucky ones that best pal will be just like Paly, the ultimate friend with benefits. This young, innocent, feminine looking beauty is certainly hiding a especially taste treat between her smooth young thighs, and fortunately Paly is happy to slip out of her slacks and show you that her ladyboy cock is in total working order and ready to erupt with creamy young cum.

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